"Tref-y-Clawdd" – The town on the Dyke

Minutes of Annual General Meeting, Knighton Town Council – Monday 22nd May 2017

Minutes of Annual General meeting of Knighton Town Council held at the Offa’s Dyke Centre on Monday 22nd May 2017 at 7:30 pm.



  • Cllr Mrs C Branford
  • Cllr M Harding
  • Cllr Mrs K Plant
  • Cllr Mr T Clough 
  • Cllr R Hyde
  • Cllr T Taylor
  •  Cllr B Andrews (Mayor)
  • Cllr C Bevan
  •  Cllr M/s S Vaughan (Deputy Mayor)
  • Cllr Mrs P Nicolson
  •  Cllr N Johns
  • Cllr D Williams
  •  Cllr B Rogers
  • Cllr R Williams

1. To receive apologies.


2. To receive declarations of interest.


3. To receive and approve the minutes of the following meetings:

Full Council Meeting 20th April 2017.

It was proposed by Cllr B Hyde and seconded by Cllr R Williams that the minutes were a true and accurate account of the meeting

Members at the time of the meeting were all in favour

4. To appoint Knighton Town Mayor 2017-2018.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs C Branford and seconded by Cllr M/s Sally Vaughan that Cllr B Andrews is made Mayor for 2017/18.

All members were in Favour

The Mayor Signed the Declaration of Acceptance and read out the terms and conditions of his office.

5. To appoint the Knighton Deputy Mayor 2017-2018.

It was proposed by Cllr M Harding and seconded by Cllr Mrs K Plant that Cllr Ms Vaughan is made Deputy Mayor.

All Members were in favour.

The Deputy Mayor signed the Declaration of Acceptance and read out the terms and conditions of her office  

All 14 members of Knighton Town Council duly signed their Acceptance of Office which was witnessed by the Town Clerk         

6. To agree cheque signatories for the HSBC Accounts.

It was proposed by Cllr M Harding and seconded by Cllr B Hyde that Cllr T Taylor is added to the list of Cheque signatories. Additionally, Cllr C Bevan proposed Cllr R Williams which was seconded by Cllr B Rogers.

Members were all in favour of the propositions and Cllr R Williams and T Taylor will be added to the list of current signatories Cllr Mrs C Branford, Cllr B Andrews and Cllr M/s Sally Vaughan.

7. To appoint members to on the new Committee Structure

See list below the list of different committees and frequency of meeting.


Roads/Street Cleaning, Street Lighting, Signage, car Parks, Grass Cutting Verges, Cenotaph, Christmas Lights, Road Safety


Tourist Information Centre, Museum, Leisure Centre, Community Centre, Twinning, Transport, Library, Allotments

Economic Development:

All Company /Small Businesses in Knighton, Employment, Industrial Zones, Grants, LDP, Information Technology


Public Toilets, Recycling Centre, Household Waste, Fly Tipping, Cemeteries, Housing, Social Care

Town Committees:

All town organisations

Finance Planning:

 All Council Members

All members were in favour of nominating their preferred options to the Clerk who will pass the information to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor to allocate Members to committees and agree dates for the respective meetings.

9. To confirm the Standing Orders as adopted January 2001(copy attached).

The Mayor agreed that he will have the Standing Orders updated and retyped.

Good Councillor Guide: Members noted receipt

10. Mayors announcements.

Councillor Andrews confirmed that he would be having a Civic Day in Knighton for the people of Knighton rather than a Civic Service.

He confirmed that he would have regular charity events in Town supporting Welsh Air Ambulance, Knighton First Responders, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal.

11. Emergency items.

April Accounts.

Members in future require more narrative detail with each payment made.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs C Branford and seconded by Cllr M/s Sally Vaughan that the accounts were a true and accurate record.

Knighton Toilet Blocks

The Clerk confirmed that the Bowling Green Lane and Offa’s Dyke Toilet Blocks have been painted. However, in this work being carried out it had been identified that the roof on both the Bowling Green Lane and Knighton Car Park blocks were rotten and needed fixing. Quotes have been received by the Clerk In the sum of £1299 for covered roofing for the 2 blocks, scaffolding for Bowling Green block only £690  and for fixing roof, removing tiles batons and felt and replacing £1500.

It was proposed by Cllr Mrs K Plant and seconded by Cllr Mrs P Nicolson that the Bowling Green toilet block is handed back to Powys CC.

An amendment was proposed by B Rogers and seconded by Cllr C Bevan that the decision should be made by Environmental Committee. Voting took pace and the amendment was carried by12 votes to 2 (Cllr Mrs K Plant and Cllr P Nicolson).

Induction training 31st May 2017

All members to attend and the Clerk except for Cllr Mrs K Plant who has  a prior engagement.

Dementia Friendly Council

Members were all in favour of training to become dementia friendly at Gallery House.

Elan Valley Aqueduct Work

The Clerk read out a letter detailing progress on work being carried out in the Knighton Area.

Accounts 2016/17 Internal Audit Report

The Clerk read out the internal Audit report which had identified no significant problems.

Poetry Marathon 9th September

Request for funds referred to Economic Development Committee.

East Radnorshire Day centre

Comments noted by Members.

Relocation of Agricultural Building at Radnor Hills-Consultation and Publicity prior to making a Full Planning application.

All Members voted to discuss this matter when a full application comes to the Council.

Heart of Wales Line Trial

The Clerk read out the proposals which members were very enthusiastic about and all agreed that this matter should be discussed at the next Leisure committee.

Redevelopment of Tuffins site by Mid Counties Coop.

Members agreed because of the substantial development proposed that an emergency planning meeting is called for on Tuesday 30th May 6:30 pm at Offas Dyke centre.


Meeting Closed at 9:05 pm