"Tref-y-Clawdd" – The town on the Dyke

Minutes of Full Council Meeting of Knighton Town Council on Thursday 18th October 2018

Held at the Offa’s Dyke Centre on Thursday 18th October 2018 at 6:00 pm.

6 members of the public in attendance.

Comments from Roy Evans – the potential closure of the bring site is a retrograde step which will lead to a huge increase in fly tipping.

Prior to the meeting Camilla gave a presentation on Community renewables and hoped that the Town Council will support this venture at the Community Centre.

Restorella put forward their case to promote Knighton with the production of a Love Knighton brochure and in addition produce a Love Knighton jute bag. This was well received by the Council and a donation will be considered later in the meeting.

Councillor Tina Sharp accepted the Oath of Office.

1 Attendance

To receive apologies.

  • Cllr D Williams
  • Cllr C Bevan
  • Cllr S Vaughan
  • Cllr T Clough
  • Cllr C Branford
  • County Councillor A Williams

Members Present.

  • Cllr B Hyde
  • Cllr N Johns
  • Cllr M Harding
  • Cllr B Rogers
  • Cllr T Sharp
  • Cllr B Andrews
  • Cllr M Vaughan
  • Cllr T Taylor
  • Cllr R Williams

2 Declarations of Interest

Members were requested to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests they may have in matters to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct Order) (Wales) Order 2008 and the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016.


3 To receive and approve the minutes of the following meetings:

Full Council Minutes on 19th September 2018

It was proposed by Cllr M Harding and seconded by Cllr B Andrews that the minutes were a true and accurate record without amendments. All in favour.

Planning Minutes on 5th September 2018

It was proposed by Cllr B Hyde and seconded by Cllr B Rogers that the minutes were a true and accurate record without amendments. All in favour.

4 Matters arising from the minutes:

(a)          Clerks oral progress Report.

Outdoor Equipment updates. -Final costs and date for installation

Equipment to be installed in the middle of November. The Clerk to write a letter of thanks to Angie Zelter for the hard work she contributed to this project.

Working group-update and use full meetings to schedule and kick start first meetings

Working Group Terms of Reference attached were recommended for approval.

Tennis Court changing rooms-Update on recent work and further requirements-to be used for storage site for workman Brian Paul.

Toilets-Not fit for purpose and therefore Cllr B Andrews to report on workplan for improvement

Town Clock-Update on repair work

Town Clerk reported that Clock now working after tinkering by visitor to the town.

Recycling centre-update on movement of site

Town Clerk reported that Powys CC were considering closing all 42 bring sites and have green waste pick up at Kerbside. Await Consultation and check enthusiasm for a Cluster of community councils to do bring sites themselves.

Christmas Events Update.

The main event will be on Sunday 9th December at the Community Centre with the lights being put on at 6 pm in Broad Street.

Snow Clearance

Shovels have been purchased and volunteers being sought

Town Council use of Social Media

After lengthy debate it was agreed that Tina Sharp set up a Knighton Town Council Facebook page only for information with no interaction.

Knighton Safe Routes

Dave Allday was keeping Knighton Town Council up to date with developments which was very satisfying.

b) To receive any other relevant information from the members.

Cllr R Hyde asked about the progress towards a standalone cash machine. Still ongoing with County Councillor.

Cllr R Williams-reported that Museum closed from end of October till end of March 2019.

5 County Councillors Report

Dates for Mid and West Wales Fire Service review passed around. Report of cemetery wall for information tabled.

Report from County Councillor Cllr Mrs A Williams.

6. Notice of Motion

  • Cllr T Sharp-poor pavement surface and lack of dropped kerbs at Fronhir

Clerk to organise site meeting

  • Cllr N Johns-Christmas lunch

Agreed Wednesday 19th December at the Banc-Members to notify Mayor of choices.

  • Cllr N Johns-Signage to identify businesses in High Street


  • Cllr B Andrews-introduction of Bye Laws and penalties

Agreed to set up Working group to discuss the above

  • Cllr B Hyde-Role of CAB in Knighton

Deferred to later in the meeting

7 Mayor’s communications.

Mayor’s engagements.

Judging Cake Competition on 20th October

Mayor’s announcements

8 To approve the monthly accounts for September together with projected spend at half year and to receive and approve monthly invoice payments for October 2018.

A lengthy debate took place. Cllr Rogers was very much of the opinion that the accounts were not easy to read and understand. Cllr Taylor admitted that he was not very good at understanding accounts but had no problem with the accounts or the projected spend to end of current financial year.

No members supported Cllr Rogers views and it was proposed by R Williams and seconded by B Andrews that the Accounts and half year budgetary control were accepted.

9. Planning.

Application Ref: 18/0700/TRE Grid Ref: E: 328381 N: 272165 Proposal: Application for works to trees within a conservation area Location: Larkey Cottage, 13 The Cwm, Knighton Powys LD7 1HF

It was proposed by Cllr B Andrews and seconded by Cllr N Johns to support this a application. All in favour.

Application Reference: 18/0744/FUL Grid Reference: E:329331 N: 272000 Proposal: Erection of an extension to veterinary surgery to provide lambing room Site Address: Border Veterinary Centre, Pontfaen Close, Knighton, Powys LD7 1HP

It was proposed by Cllr B Andrews and seconded by Cllr N Johns to support this a application. All in favour.

10 Correspondence

a)            Powys Samaritans-Members noted opening in Llandrindod wells

b)            Royal British Legion-Remembrance Parade-Members noted

c)            Shropdoc changes-Members noted

d)            Llanfair Waterdine W I -managing trees-members noted

11 Financial Assistance

a)            CAB

Donation will be considered if outreach assistance given in Knighton. Clerk to validate.

b)            Knighton FC under 8 Football team

It was proposed by Cllr N Johns seconded by Cllr B Andrews to give a donation of £200. All in favour.

c)            Christmas Craft Sessions for Children at the Library.

It was proposed by Cllr N Johns and seconded by Cllr T Taylor to give a donation of £100. All in favour.

d)            Knighton under 5’S

 It was proposed by Cllr B Rogers and seconded by Cllr M Harding to give a donation of £300. All in favour.

12 Urgent Items

Clerk to check the possibility of a bus shelter on Presteigne Road

Matter of overhanging trees brought to the table by Cllr Vaughan.Members all agreed that this was a neighbour dispute and Knighton Town Council should not get involved

Meeting Closed at 9:10 pm