"Tref-y-Clawdd" – The town on the Dyke

Minutes of Full Council Meeting of Knighton Town Council on Wednesday 20th June 2018

Held at the Offa’s Dyke Centre on Wednesday 20th June 2018 at 6:30 pm.

1 To receive apologies:
Cllr C Bevan Rogers Williams P Nicholson and County Councillor A Williams

2 Members Present.

  • Cllr B Hyde
  • Cllr R Williams
  • Cllr N Johns
  • Cllr M Harding
  • Cllr S Vaughan
  • Cllr C Branford
  • Cllr B Andrews
  • Cllr T Taylor
  • Cllr T Clough

3 Declarations of Interest:

Members were requested to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests they may have in matters to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct Order) (Wales) Order 2008 and the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016.

Cllr M Harding in relation to planning application P/2018/0583.

4 To receive and approve the minutes of the following meetings:

Full Council AGM Minutes on 16th May 2018
It was proposed by Cllr M Harding and seconded by Cllr N Johns that the minutes were a true and accurate record. All in favour.

Full Council meeting on 23rd May 2018
It was proposed by Cllr M Harding and seconded by Cllr S Vaughan that the minutes were a true and accurate record. All in favour.

Full Council Private meeting on 23rd May 2018
It was proposed by Cllr S Vaughan and seconded by Cllr B Andrews that the minutes were a true and accurate record. All in favour.

5 Matters arising from the minutes:

To receive the Clerk’s oral progress report:

A. Website Development and progress with new website
Cllr M Harding confirmed that the new website was almost ready, and the Clerk confirmed that one months’ notice to Upper Bridge limited had been done. Members agreed to request that Upper Bridge Ltd put a note of redirection on the old website to the new one. Cllr Harding also confirmed that to put the existing minutes onto the new website was time consuming, The Clerk agreed to help and put the word document minutes on a memory stick for Cllr Harding. The Mayor thanked members for all their time and effort in getting the new website to this stage and he gave a special thankyou to Cllr Harding for the effort and time he has spent on the project.

B. Outdoor Equipment Update
The Clerk reported that a meeting had taken place between Cllr P Nicolson, Angie Zelter Steve Gealy and the Clerk at the Offa’s Dyke site. The equipment and location were authorised by Steve Gealy. In addition, Cllr R Williams has given a donation of £500 and Radnor Hills have offered £2000 grant. At the same time the Council have lodged a bid of just over £10000 to the Awards for All Lottery funding Scheme
The Clerk was instructed to contact Liz Trow from Powys CC for additional funding streams.

C. Barclays Bank Broad Street Knighton
A meeting is to take place at the Offices of AM Kirsty Williams on 5th July. The Mayor asked members for their input prior to the meeting and was adamant to at least keep the cash point open
Clerk to contact Co-op if they are still considering an outside cash point.
Discussion took place for alternatives to the Banks including Credit Unions.

D. Clerk to organise meeting with Severn Trent re the possibility of grants available

6 To receive any other relevant information from members.       
Cllr T Taylor distributed his bus users survey.

7 County Councillors Report
Report from County Councillor Cllr Mrs A Williams:

June 2018.
I hope this finds you all well. As I’m sure you have noticed the work on the electric has started, I’m afraid most of the summer we have road works going on.
The work on Ludlow road starts on the 23rd of July, it will be on going for 20 weeks. finishing in December, all being well.
The zebra crossing and work on the school entrance will be first, so it can be finished for the start of the new school year. We are losing most of the green kerbs to make space for the cycle lane and disabled paths. Also, it is very against the law to park on cycle lanes.  This will be monitored by the parking staff and fines given where appropriate.
We are getting a new look to the football club and Presteigne Rd, the roads have had no design change since the 70s. This will go on to the community centre with a red walk way to the bus stops. We are getting new bus shelters.
Next year we are looking at a new cross road with a proper crossing at the coop. Also, a new route and roads to the train station. This will make walking around town much safer.
I have been working with the design team on the old library site. This is a slow but steady project on going.
I have spoken to the chair of the committee that investigates empty buildings and unkempt properties. I have asked them to investigate the fact that the Knighton hotel is empty, and to speak to the company involved about it. They are looking in to the Radnor arms in Presteigne at the same time.
I have asked that committee to also investigate the old factory site for new small workshops with attached housing. This is very much needed in town, workshops of all sizes are needed. I have asked for feedback asap they are meeting next month so I will maybe have something to tell you then.
I have been talking to am Kirsty Williams about the bank problems now. We have a meeting on the 5th of July. I hope one of you as town council will be able to go.
The meeting is with two members of the welsh banking department of Barclays Bank plc and is in Brecon.  fear we will be unable to keep it open, but I think a Mobile bank could be the answer for all the sites, we have spoken about this, we will be trying of course to keep the site open in town which is the first choice.
Yesterday I went to represent Powys in a scrutiny meeting in Monmouthshire. It was a great meeting and very informative.
I attended a meeting in pen y bont at which I meet our new high ways officer for town his name is Ted very nice bloke and very helpful.
I also enjoyed my day in the museum trying to be helpful.
The meeting with inspector Pitt is to be on the 29th June, I would like to extend the invitation to town council to come with the community centre committee. The meeting is to be at the police station in Llandrindod wells at 7pm.
I now am asking if any or all of you could support the Offa’s Dyke Centre by becoming members. They have lost a lot of money as there is now no tourist info centre there or in town.
We can’t afford to have this centre closed in town. what an eyesore that would be.
Next year they are having an arts festival in and around the Offa’s dyke the trust has been formed for 50 years. the festival will be the first weekend of May along with their AGM. It will be for four days. there will be lots of walks too.
Thank you for your time. please ring or message me if you need me yours Cllr Ange Williams

8 Notice of Motion
A. Cllr B Hyde-the positioning of the Councils notice board and Openness at Council Meeting
Cllr Hyde felt that additional notice boards should be available in addition to the current one. He also felt that members of the public should be able to speak at the commencement of the Council meeting. It was agreed that the working group on notice boards would consider more notices and the Clerk was asked to put a 15-minute slot on the agenda for the July meeting with no individual speaking for more than 3 minutes. Cllr Hyde also proposed that the partition door should be kept open as the meeting is open to the public. This said the public notice of meetings was inadequate and if meetings with the say the Police Commissioner should be advertised by way of flyers in addition to the notice board and website.

B. Cllr C Branford-Refuse Problems in Church Street Knighton
The Clerk was asked to contact the Environmental department of Powys CC to try and resolve this matter

C. Cllr N Johns-Introduction of Working Groups.
Members agreed the reintroduction of Working groups to look at 1 topic only and report to full council for decisions to be made on their findings.

Format and regularity of meetings and recording of minutes to be agreed at July meeting.

Short Term:

  • Toilets
  • Pavilion/Tennis Courts

Medium Term:

  • Town Plan
  • Signage and Benches

Long term:

  • Business Units
  • Transport
  • Parks and gardens

D. Cllr C Branford – Use of Former Tennis Court Site
The Clerk was asked to get from Knighton Sports Assoc a resolution. What they need to do at this site and the minute agreeing to this and a copy of its constitution.

4th June 2018 – Report
I didn’t know what to expect at this meeting. Their stated aims are: “The objectives of the Forum shall be to secure, in conjunction with governmental, rail industry, local authority and other interested parties, the retention, development and promotion of the Heart of Wales Railway Line (Shrewsbury – Llandrindod – Llandovery – Swansea).
The meeting consisted mainly of reports:
1.HoWLTA: Triumphed the announcement of an extra train due in 2022. (This is despite their ineffectual lobbying not because of it!)
2.Trail Report: I asked why the Craven Arms – Knighton section is not waymarked into Knighton and the last waymark is at the western end of Bucknell Woods. The reason being that Powys does not allow trail marking in the county apart from Offa’s Dyke Path and Glyndwr’s Way. There was a County Councillor and Powys officer (both came by car) at the meeting and they said they would take it up.
3.Network Rail: Seem intent on introducing as many speed restrictions as they can on spurious safety grounds. (The 5mph restriction ¼ mile south Dolau can only be lifted if a telephone is installed – cutting the overgrown hedge down to improve visibility doesn’t seem to be an option!)
4.Arriva Trains Wales: (in charge until October) are putting on the steam train; Birmingham to Carmarthen and return on 7th July. Looks like it is going to be financially successful. Could lead the way to regular steam under new franchise. Overcrowding: problem with stock is – there is none! Austerity cutbacks in electrification not only means there are sidings full of new electric trains that cannot be used, the diesels they were to replace cannot be cascaded – used to replace older trains on other lines
5.Welsh Government: Transport is being devolved and there is to be a huge investment in public transport over the next five years. Besides our extra train in 2022, we are getting refurbished class 170s (they’re great!). Also want more public transport integration, free travel for accompanied U-11s, free off-peak travel for U-16s and half price for U-18s. Some concern was expressed by some members about U-16s having free travel. Note. The extra train for our line sounds great but the Cambrian is going to full hourly.See: tfw.gov.wales

I got chance to have a say in AOB. Many said, including HOWLTA, said that this is what they had been lobbying for anyway, quoting “Frequent, Faster, Better Trains”. However, they might say this is what they want but they still want every train to stop at every station.
After the meeting was over I got talking to the Arriva man. He said he’d proposed the same plan and it had got voted down. He said this lot would not accept any skipping of stations – even Sugar Loaf, which averages just two passengers per week. He also said he’d put forward a plan involving turn back at Craven Arms and Llanelli, which would have given us six trains in each direction each day, but this was turned down by the Forum as they insist on every train travelling the full distance between Swansea and Swansea. We’ve work to do!
First thing is we need a vote. Subscription is £100 per year. Powys have not paid. No pay, no vote.
We need to know who the modernisers and dinosaurs are then vigorously argue the case for a railway that serves the needs of our communities. Also it’s no good Powys sending people by car – they have no incentive to argue for improvements if they don’t see how bad it is! (I had a 3 hour wait for the train home!)
Cllr. Tom Taylor

F. Cllr P Nicolson-Smells from Caine’s
Cllr Nicholson not in attendance therefore deferred

9 Mayor’s communications:

Mayor’s engagements:
Knighton Primary school 5th July
Rotary Event with Deputy Mayor 10th July

Mayor’s announcements
Civic Service – 15th July 10:30am
Active Travel update
Await meeting with Dave Allday
Knighton in Bloom Awards – 5th August at  venue to be agreed.

10 To approve the monthly accounts for May 2018 and to receive and approve monthly invoice payments for June 2018.
It was proposed by Cllr M Harding and seconded by Cllr N Johns that the account is a true and accurate record. All in favour.

11 Planning.
a) Application Ref: P/2018/0583
Grid Ref: 328041.9/272163.72 for Householder: Demolition of the existing garage and conservatory and erection of single storey extensions including construction of a link attached garage at The Toot, Garth Lane, Knighton, Powys
It was proposed by Cllr S Vaughan and seconded by Cllr N Johns to recommend approval of the application. Members all in favour.

12 Correspondence
Royal British Legion request for stall on Brookside Square on 30th June 2018. Members agreed.

13 Urgent Items
Cllr R Hyde – Notice of Knighton Festival Day at Offa’s Dyke on Sunday 29th July
Members noted

Meeting Closed at 8:50 pm