"Tref-y-Clawdd" – The town on the Dyke

Minutes of Full Council Meeting of Knighton Town Council on Wednesday 8th August 2018

Held at the Offa’s Dyke Centre on Wednesday 8th August 2018 at 6:00 pm.

One member of the public in attendance.

1 Attendance:

To receive apologies.

  • Cllr T Clough

Members Present:

  • Cllr B Hyde
  • Cllr B Rogers
  • Cllr N Johns
  • Cllr M Harding
  • Cllr S Vaughan
  • Cllr C Branford
  • Cllr T Taylor
  • Cllr B Andrews
  • Cllr C Bevan

2 Declarations of Interest

Members were requested to declare any personal and/or prejudicial interests they may have in matters to be considered at the meeting in accordance with the terms of the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct Order) (Wales) Order 2008 and the Local Authorities (Model Code of Conduct) (Wales) (Amendment) Order 2016.

  • None.

3 Future of Knighton Bring Site:

The Clerk confirmed the following in relation to the future of the bring site with Powys County Council employee Ashley Collins:

  • The glass facility may be withdrawn soon at the bring site because the facility is available at kerbside
  • The paper/cardboard is unlikely to be withdrawn soon at the bring site because the capacity is not available at kerbside
  • In relation to the green bins Powys County Council will do a full consultation with the public before they are removed. If they are removed the alternative would be to have kerb side green bins which will have a cost of £30/£40 per anum.
  • Members also noted that Powys CC would not be moving the bring site from its existing place to the other side of the car park because of the future uncertainty and the prohibitive cost of between £10-£15k

4 Planning.

  1. Application Ref: P/2018/0719  Grid Ref: 328598.56/272295.74

Proposed internal alterations and part conversion  of a commercial premise into four flats and internal redesign of existing shop unit at 3 Broad Street Knighton Powys

It was proposed by Cllr N Johns and seconded by Cllr C Branford to recommended approval of this application subject to the commercial shop front remaining. Members all in favour.

5 Urgent Items

  • The Clerk confirmed that National Lottery Awards for All scheme have agreed to fund the siting of 4 outside exercise machines at Offa’s Dyke centre. Clerk to inform members of full cost of scheme.
  • Knighton in Bloom presentation took place at the George and Dragon on Sunday 5th August.
  • Results of South East Ward-Nominees R Bright 25 P Andrews 39 D Alker 70 and successful nominee M Vaughan with 151 votes. The Clerk confirmed that an election will take place in the Central ward at the beginning of September.
  • Clerk asked to report street lights 25,26,27, and 28 not working in West Street Knighton.
  • A number are working groups will be called In August to get things going 

Meeting Closed at 7:05pm