"Tref-y-Clawdd" – The town on the Dyke

Minutes of Planning Committee Meeting of Knighton Town Councilon Wednesday 5th September 2018

Held at the Offas Dyke Centre on Wednesday 5th September 2018 at 6:30 pm.

1.  Attendance

To receive apologies.

  • Cllr Mr M Harding
  • Cllr C Bevan
  • Cllr Ms S Vaughan


  • Cllr D Williams
  • Cllr Mrs C Branford
  • Cllr Mr R Hyde
  • Cllr T Clough
  • Cllr N Johns
  • Cllr B Andrews
  • Cllr R Williams
  • Cllr T Taylor
  • Cllr B Rogers
  • Cllr M Vaughan

2 To receive declarations of interest.


3. Acceptance of Office: Councillor for South East Ward – Mark Vaughan

Mark Vaughan read out his acceptance of Office and is formally a Knighton Town         Councillor for the South East Ward.

4. Planning

To consider the following applications: –

Application Reference: 18/0323/FUL Grid Reference: E:329081 N: 272032

Proposal: Full: Installation of a cycle footpath and extension and alterations to the cark park Site Address: Access Road & Car Park Between Knighton Football Ground & Cricket Club, Knighton, Powys, LD7 1HP

D It was proposed by Cllr B Andrews seconded by Cllr B Hyde to support this a application.  All in favour.

Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 Consultation

Application Reference: 18/0342/LBC Grid Reference: E:328599 N: 272297 Proposal: LBC: Proposed internal and external alterations to provide 4 flats and a shop unit Site Address: 3 Broad Street, Knighton, Powys , LD7 1BL

It was proposed by Cllr N Johns seconded by Cllr B Rogers to support this a application. All in favour.

Application Ref: 18/0358/TRE Grid Ref: E: 328265 N: 272325 Proposal: Proposed felling of a diseased Weeping Willow in a conservation area Location: The Laurels, Penybont Road, Knighton Powys LD7 1HB

It was proposed by Cllr T Taylor seconded by Cllr R Williams to support this a application. All in favour.

5. Urgent Items.

External Audit Report from Grant Thornton for 2017/18

The Clerk read out the report with the audit certificate. The report identified the following concerns:

 Box 14 on the Final claim -Trust Fund disclosure was answered No when it should have been N/A

The number of days the exercise of Electors rights was not adhered to and should be in future years.

Members noted.


NHS Future Fit

 NHS are proposing to change the hospital services provided at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital and the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford, so that:

  • one hospital provides emergency care services (including women and children’s inpatient services) and
  • the other hospital provides planned care services.
  • Both hospitals would have an Urgent Care Centre that is open 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

Member by a 6 to 3 Vote to support Option 2 which Is that The Royal Shrewsbury Hospital to become the Planned Care site and the Princess Royal Hospital to become the Emergency Care site.

Museum Map

Members agreed to discuss the restoration of this map by offering a possible donation at Full Council in September.

Snow Patrol

Members to consider at a later date to give a donation to this project which is being supported by PAVO

Speed Bumps Outside School

Clerk to arrange meeting with Dave Allday ASAP

Clock Tower

Clerk to check with Neil Clutton on repair of Clock

Stand Alone ATM near Clock Tower

Clerk to check if this is feasible with Powys County Council


Meeting Closed at 7:40 pm